2.4.2017: Mackey's Hideout. Winter Roots Fest (w/ Kind Country, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Porch Fire and more!)

2.9.2017: Awesometown. Fulton, IL (w/ Dana Sipos)

2.10.2017: The Lift. Dubuque, IA. (w/ Dana Sipos)

2.11.2017: Vaudeville Mews. Des Moines, IA. (w/ Dana Sipos)

2.12.2017: Westport Saloon. Kansas City, MO.

2.13.2017: Elbow Room. Wichita, KS.

2.14.2017:  The Basement Bar. Fort Worth, TX

2.15.2017: Union Tavern. Webster, TX

2.16.2017: Blue Moon Saloon. Lafayette, LA.

2.17.2017: Marty's PM. Birmingham, AL.

2.18.2017: Private Event. Nashville, TN.

2.19.2017: Little Harpeth Brewery. Nashville, TN.

2.25.2017: The Cavalier Theater. La Crosse, WI. (w/ Horseshoes & Hand Grenades)

3.17.2017: Mountaintop Music Festival. Wakefield, MI.

4.7.2017: Lyric Room. Green Bay, WI.

5.31.2017: John Hartford Memorial Festival. Bean Blossom, IN.

6.9-10.2017: Blue Ox Music Festival. Eau Claire, WI.